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Rock savvy business support

Management and Financial Accounts

Management Accounting helps you survive, prosper and grow.  It tells you lots of things.  It tells you how much profit you are making, what things cost, and helps manage cash. 



Bookeeping & Payroll

Want value for money bookkeeping and payroll services? No matter what size or sector you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll get peace of mind and time to focus on your business.



Arts & Social Enterprises

Are you working within the arts and social enterprise sector-aka the not for profit sector? This specialist field is where we stand shoulders above most other accountants.



Tax and Wealth Management

The only difference between the tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.” Mark Twain.

Most folk don’t like to part with money to the tax man. However it’s not a choice and luckily for you that’s where we can help.



Business Support

Running a business is both exciting and challenging. Your journey to success won’t be in a straight line. There will be diversions and a few bumps along the way.

With a helping hand from us you will achieve business success.




Looking for Business and Finance training courses? Then our sister company Knowledge Grab is all you need. We provide Financial Business training courses for individuals and organisations.



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Business owners, take your business seriously

Business owners, take your business seriously

Business owners - take your business seriously There is no magic bullet to make your business successful, but above all, Business owners, take your business seriously. Taking your business seriously means just that.  Run it, deal with it and approach it as a business....

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Collecting money from your customers

Collecting money from your customers

Collecting money from your customers is a big deal?  Getting paid on time is a big deal.   Because cash guarantees your survival week after week. No cash, no business. The lights will not be on, the door will not be open. This week’s episode of I Hate Numbers is all...

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Getting paid on time and getting it right

Getting paid on time and getting it right

Getting paid on time and getting it right - easier said than done… Firstly the vast majority of self employed individuals and businesses often face a delay in getting paid. From a financial perspective cash is king in the short, medium and long term. Therefore weak...

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