Bookkeeping and Payroll

We offer bookkeeping and payroll support services to SMEs, social enterprises, the arts and not for profit sectors.


Our payroll solutions offer efficiency, peace of mind and the freeing up of valuable resources from your business. Our payroll service is flexible: we do not specify a minimum number of employees that we can support and we can help you weekly, fortnightly, monthly or during other payroll periods.

Keeping good records efficiently, economically and effectively is vital.  Bookkeeping is not a topic that sets most pulses racing, but it’s absolutely vital when running any business at any level. It scares a lot of people, and it can put them off running their own business.  Others procrastinate, burying their heads in the sand until HMNRC start waving their fingers and levying penalties. 

Take the power lifting out of book keeping and tap into the Cloud.  Our preferred platform of choice for Cloud Accounting is Xero.  We have a solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Private and Not for Profit, acorn size to growing oaks. 

Read our wonderful guide Release the Power of You: Take Charge of The Cloud to find out more.