Work/life balance for your business

Do you need “More Time”? Most of us do
Do you have the right work/life balance?- Most of us do not

It’s really important to try and make sure you do have both.
So this week we are happy to introduce our kitty Scampi as he’s truly mastered the art of his work life balance!


In today’s fast paced world it’s all too easy to get bogged down in work,  most of us will be familiar with this…

Sometimes working flat out seems the only way to get through an ever increasing mountain of work.

Here at Pro Active we help you look at ways to help your work flow run more smoothly and effectively and in turn this will help you achieve a healthier work life balance. This can be done in a number of ways: using cloud accounting is one way. Xero is a favourite of ours and many of our clients too. It helps reduce the amount of time spent on areas like credit control, recording transactions, giving vital business information etc. This in turn allows you more time to “rest and play”.

Today Scampi has organised his hectic day- and will be out in the garden shortly. See our clips to see how to manage your work time more effectively so you can get more “me time”
Managing your time more effectively is also something that can improve your productivity. Allow yourself allotted time slots to get work done. Come and have a chat with your Business Friend for advice on how you can achieve this.


Having systems within your business are crucial to getting your work/life balance right for you.

This is one of the areas that we’ll be talking about at The Leicester Business Expo on 27th September

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We hope to see you there- so you can not only take away lots of important business growth tips but also one of our exclusive good bags!

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