Have you heard about the fifth self-employed grant?

The fifth self-employed grant is a government initiative helping people who are self-employed. It’s due to be paid out over the summer months, covering the periods between May 2021 and September 2021.

Today’s vlog looks at how the fifth self-employed grant differs from previous grants.  The previous eligibility conditions still apply, but extra tests are used to see how much self-employed grant you are entitled to.

If you think that this might be something for you then please watch my video.  I’ll take you through it so that by the end of it all, you know exactly what's going on with regards to this new scheme and whether it applies to your situation.

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The fifth self-employed grant number was announced in the 2021 budget earlier this year. It will be paid out over the summer months, covering the periods between May 2021 and September 2021.

The portal opens for making claims late July 2021, further guidance will be released towards the end of June 2021 .If you’re eligible based on your tax returns, HMRC will contact you in mid-July 2021 to give you a date that you can make your claim from.

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The fifth self-employed grant looks likely to be the last grant of its type.  Claims are to be made based on your reasonable judgement, evidence, and judgement.  The grant can be a valuable life line, and part of COVID financial support packages.  Furthermore, these support measures are helpful for your cash flow.  Make sure you don’t miss out.  If I've piqued your interest, then watch every week for more informative videos like these ones.

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