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Using social media for business can have a positive impact helping you expand and reach a much larger audience.  Some businesses still remain hesitant to use social media-largely due to “fear of the unknown”. However it is has become a great way to get your businesses message “out there”. Traditional marketing strategies have become less effective due to this.

It’s never too late to explore the many areas within social media that could help your business and customer base expand. We have written a blog on some of the benefits it can bring to businesses.

Social media, if used in the right way can help market your business/services for free. It can also help significantly reduce your marketing and advertising costs, is less physically demanding and is more time effective. It can level the playing field for smaller businesses and can help reach a wider market.

Benefits Of Using Social Media For Business

  • It can help you broaden your reach to potential customers
  • You can target specific groups
  • Free or low cost to use
  • You can contact certain people on a personal basis
  • Can distribute to a worldwide audience
  • Easy to use for people with basic computer skills

Some Common Social Media Platforms That Businesses Use

Social Media for BusinessFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, the list goes on and continues to grow. Businesses can use these for free, it just takes a bit of time to familiarise yourself with each site and work out how best to utilize it. Business pages can be set up on these platforms free of charge which then allow businesses to showcase their products and services. With millions of users active on social media (one billion on Facebook) this is a great way to market any business.

Email campaigns are another way to get your message out there.  It’s simple, cheap and effective. Regular emails and newsletters highlighting the products and services on offer can be sent to a business’s built up mail lists. Email campaigns can also be tracked and evaluated, giving the business a better idea of what to do to improve. Asking people who visit your social media page for a like/poke etc and returning the favour can also be effective and a free way to help increase your business presence.

You can facilitate your business networking on the social media platforms such as Linkedin. Here you can network in the comfort of your own home. You can connect with other like-minded businesses and individuals and create business relationships. Twitter and Facebook also allow for members to connect with each other.

With the many benefits that social media can bring to your business it’s not surprising that marketing strategies have moved away from the ‘traditional’ marketing techniques. Bearing all of this in mind please don’t forget the importance of face to face networking (where possible) as this is still a good way to market your business.

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