Xero Cloud Accounting

Technology can be a wonderful thing, and it’s making a positive impact in the world of accounting and business. One such innovation is Xero, which allows our clients to run their business more efficiently. Xero gives you faster invoicing, the ability to record and view information in real time, and improved credit control. This can all be done anywhere you choose, with the help of a laptop, mobile, tablet or computer.

Intro Getting Started Features

Xero benefits:

  • Better real-time overview of your current financial position
  • Access for multiple users allows easy conversations/collaboration with members of your team and advisors
  • Spend more time doing things you enjoy, thanks to the automatic updates
  • Everything runs online which cuts out the need for installation, your work is saved and backed up all the time, ensuring you don’t lose anything
  • Free updates which are available for instant use
  • The cloud service provider covers business costs such as version upgrades, maintenance, system admin costs and server failures at a much cheaper rate.

We have recently become Xero Champions, and we’re very proud to be one of the few ‘official’ Xero Certified Advisors in Leicester. We are experts when it comes to cloud accounting. Whether you are a Not for Profit or Private business, this new cloud-based system will dramatically improve your processes and your profit margin.

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You can also find us on the official Xero website.