Recipe For A Happy Work Life

Hi everyone, we hope you have had a great Easter break & are refreshed and ready for the short business week.

In today’s blog we’re adding a personal touch again and are sharing how we “rested and played” ( and Mahmood even managed to get a bit of work in too!).

So taking our own advise me and Mahmood took some much earned time away from the office and enjoyed catching some of the glorious sunshine in our garden with our little Scampi.

We also drove out to Foxton Locks- walking around the canals and chatting to boat owners even hopping on a boat for a trip up the canal which we found very relaxing. Watching ducks and other wildlife floating along in their day to day life is a great way to unwind and take your mind away from work.

Pro Active staff also enjoyed the long weekend break too and have returned feeling refreshed and raring to go- or so they say…

A previous blog of ours discusses the importance of work life balance and because we know getting this right can make a huge difference within the workplace we wanted to re visit this.

At Pro Active we truly understand the challenges of getting the work life balance right and the amount of time we in the UK spend at work. We understand that our mind set, and well-being are important ingredients for business success.

So, all you businesses and self-employed folk out there remember the old saying:

 “All work and no play really does make Jack a dull boy” and no one wants that!

 Remember to make time for rest and play in your life too.

We hope you have enjoyed watching our short clip and reading this blog.

As always Pro Active “Your Business Friend and Accounting Solution” is here to support and help you with your business needs.

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