Pro Active Sponsorship With House Of Verse

Here at Pro Active Resolutions we act as a business friend to a wide cross section of businesses. The businesses vary in terms of size, complexity and what they do. However, one of the sectors that we have a strength of knowledge, experience and affinity with is the arts and creative sector. We have supported the arts sector over many years with business support. As well as with advice and resources. To us, arts sector businesses have the same types of business challenges we all face.

The arts sector was a natural choice for us to dip our toes into in terms of formal sponsorship and support. Therefore, we were pleased to announce an innovative Pro Active sponsorship agreement with Leicester based company House of Verse. House of Verse is a creative hub of talent! It’s a home for spoken word poets, comedians and musicians of many sorts. As well as, dancers and much more.

Hibword Even Wrote A Poem For Us

Jenny Hibberd founder of House of Verse, aka ‘Hibword’, wrote and performed a novel poem, giving her own unique take on Pro Active Resolutions. Jenny reflects the talent within House of Verse, and she combines humour and fact within her prose.

We enjoy working with House of Verse as their business friend to help them develop and grow into a sustainable and viable business.

We enjoyed Jenny’s poem, and we hope you do too.

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