Marketing On A Budget

Effective and cost efficient marketing (contrary to popular belief) doesn’t have to have a huge price tag attached to it. However if you don’t do your research it can work out to be expensive. Numerous advertising companies will contact you promising vast increases in your sales if you sign up to one of their many (usually expensive) packages. However many of these offers can be a costly route to go down. Especially for new businesses who have little or no marketing budget.

Don’t forget the saying “ If something sounds too good to be true……”

Some advertising companies offer what initially sound like great solutions to your marketing strategy. From increasing your search engine optimisation (SEO) e.g. Helping you to be listed on page 1 with search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc, to listing your services on sometimes little known websites. A rule of thumb is remember if no one knows you have a website -how will potential customers know about it and ultimately find you on search engines? The short answer is they won’t!

Fortunately there are many inexpensive and even free ways to market your services/products, which is obviously great for your budget!

As your Business Friend we’ve put a short list together for you that we share with our clients. We hope you will find some of them useful, and to help market your business:

Marketing On A Budget – Top Tips

  • When your customers are happy with the service you’ve provided ask them to post a review for you- this can help you to get on the first few pages of search engines and won’t cost you a penny! This can either be on Google for example or you could upload directly to your website on a specific review/testimonial page.
  • “Word of mouth”- customers tend to talk about good (or bad) services they’ve received. If they’re happy ask them to spread the word.
  • Register with free local/national listing sites- there are numerous ones out there, so start your market research on them. Once signed up ensure you keep your details up to date.
  • Find out what Business Networking events there are in your area that could be useful to your business ( a word of warning try not to go with the hard sell approach- as these are generally not the arena for that) and develop relationships in your community- these may be useful to you in the future. If contacts are exchanged, chase them up with an acknowledgement email.
  • Spread your message via the numerous social media platforms that are out there. Try the more conventional as oppose to the newer less known ones. Post interesting blogs, videos etc and these can be shared to vast audiences.
  • Have some posters printed (on good quality card/paper) and post through doors in your local neighbourhood.
  • Put business cards/fliers on your local shop notice board.
  • Have some good quality business cards printed and always carry some with you- you never know who you may meet who could want your services. Remember first impressions count.
  • Keep the customers you already have happy- don’t rest on your laurels.

Remember some marketing avenues will have a cost attached, however by using some of the above tips you can keep these costs down to a minimum

Happy Marketing and good luck!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog

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