Managing Risks In New Startups

Deciding on a business startup is a becoming a more common decision these days, and as with most things “no risk, no reward.”  However, if truth be told, not all startup risks are the same. In fact, a great deal of risks can be impacted on to increase the growth of the business or present an edge against the competition. The real challenge for a startup is to stay away from the bad risks, but at the same time actively search for and handle the smart risks, this is called managing risks.

Tried And Tested Tips For Managing Risks


  • Establish An Effective Financial Recording And Management System


This will provide valuable information to help you run and grow your business, as well as ensuring you keep on top of your legal and statutory obligations. Cloud based systems are an affordable and effective option.


  • Engage An Experienced Business And Tax Aadvisor


They will help and guide you through the business and tax landscape. You will be able to concentrate on the other aspects of the business that require your attention, such as research and development, marketing, and customer service.

managing risks


  • Make Sure All The Contracts You Sign Are The Ones That You Approved


It’s your responsibility to clear agreements and contracts that protect the business first and foremost. Think of the business as your child. It should be a priority over everything else, particularly when you’re on the very early stages of building it. The business is the central entity, it is your creation after all.


  • Hire Good Capable Employees And/Or Freelancers And Give Them Incentives


Looking to cut costs by hiring family members, employing interns or friends can be a bad risk. Great employees may take some time to discover, and will probably cost you even more, but a competent and highly committed team of workers that will stretch your finances is a good type of calculated risk.


  • Be Wary Of The Red Flags


Every business – whether just starting out or already established – has red flags that suggest trouble. These early warnings can sometimes be about a client, an operation, an employee, or a vendor. Training your employees to voice out these warning signs is important. Deal with them early on so they don’t grow to be a problem that can become your pitfall.


  • Cash-Flow Management Is Absolutely Critical


ash is the lifeblood of any business. Be practical and attentive to the business’ cash flow, sales are important, collecting money from customers even more so.  Have an agreement with your suppliers that provides you a little breathing space for payments, but not too much that you’ll get sidetracked or become complacent about it. Being cautious will help you better manage the business’ monthly expenses.

It’s important to take calculated risks to help the business grow. Plan for them in advance and set up measures so you can manage them properly.

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