Managing Change

The Importance Of Managing Change

Managing change can be considered to be the single most important element of successful organisations today.  To remain competitive in increasingly tough and aggressive markets, organisations (and individuals in them) have to adopt a positive attitude to change.  Ignoring or trivialising a changing trend can be costly.  Therefore, you need to be one step ahead of rivals, set trends and lead change in order to survive.

Understanding and managing change are the dominant themes of management today.  Adapting to the ever-changing present is essential for success in the unpredictable future facing businesses.  Change affects every aspect of life and taking a proactive approach to change is the only way to take charge of the future, either as an individual or as an organisation.  Approach it with an open mind, and learn to develop its positive elements.


Changes You Want Or Do You?Managing Change

      • Write down any changes you would like in your area of business or work – and plan for them
      • If you find you are resisting change, ask yourself why

Being Open To And Managing Change

For organisations, change is the way to stay competitive and to grow.  For individuals, the opportunities created by change enrich careers and personal lives.  You can deal with change in three ways:  by resisting, following, or leading.

A resister tries to stay put, which is impossible in changing situations; the majority of people and organisations who start by resisting eventually find they have to follow, trying to catch up. If that fails, they face competitive disadvantage.

Seeking to anticipate and lead change is thus, paradoxically, safer as well as more adventurous.


Managing Change1

Seek Out Others

  • Seek out people who welcome change, and become their ally
  • So compile a list, no matter how short, of anyone you work with who might be such a person and state why


Seeing The Effects Of Change

Positive aspects of change may be less obvious at first than negative ones. New ventures, new shows, expansion, promotions, and booms often bring challenges before delivering gains.  Cases such as departmental or show and establishment closures, dismissals, bankruptcies or deterioration in markets bring difficulties and very few immediate benefits.  But, however it appears, approach change positively as a potential opportunity.  Use it as a stimulus to encourage new ideas and harness enthusiasm for further progress.

People live with change constantly:  in a lifetime, everyone goes through personal transformation from infancy to adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, and finally old age.

A career path may lead from subordinate to junior management, middle management, and eventually board level or consultancy.  Organisations also mature and evolve, with major changes on many levels in policy and practice.  For personal satisfaction and career progress, increase your capacity to change.

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