Love My Accountant Day

August 25th 2020

How do you feel about your accountant?

Does your heart sink every January when your tax return is looming?

Thinking of the numbers make you want to run to the hills?

What if I were to tell you if you stopped hating the numbers – and your accountant – it could make your life easier and help you make more money?

I’m Mahmood Reza, founder of Love My Accountant Day and owner of Pro Active Resolutions, accountancy and numbers company in Leicester.

I want to shatter the myth that numbers are a nightmare and that accountants were put on the earth to make your life miserable.

That’s why I created Love My Accountant Day which launches in August 2020.


What is Love My Accountant Day?

It’s an awareness day taking place every August 25th set up by me.

It’s an opportunity for accountants to show they’re not all dull and to take away the phobia of dealing with them.


Where did the idea come from?

I wanted to do something to change the way people feel about number and stop their eyes glazing over.

People hate numbers, and they often pass this feeling down to their accountant.

But the numbers are your best friend in business they don’t lie to you.  I truly believe if you can learn to at least look at your numbers a little more, you will see an improvement in your business and profits.

So I thought I’d create an awareness day that was a bit tongue in cheek, with a title that would make people laugh in the hope it would make them think about the numbers.


Who is Love My Accountant Day for?

Entrepreneurs who hand the responsibility for the numbers and the future of their business to their accountants, and an opportunity to show their appreciation.

And it’s for the accountants who work all year round trying to keep finances in order for individuals and organisations.


How can you get involved?

Complete my  survey to find out how you feel about your accountant.

There’s just a few quick questions and as a thank you, I’ll send you my Free Resource, 9 Tips to Future Proof Your Business. It will help provide you with business comfort and make you more money in your business.

What’s not to like?

Thanks for taking part, I really appreciate your support.


How else can you get involved?

Join in by using the #lovemyaccountantday hashtag and use it in any way you like.

Share your experiences on social media, so revealing the cheekiest or most unusual thing you have tried to claim for.

You could talk about your favourite accountant from a TV show like Keith from The Office etc.

If you’re an accountant, you might like to create challenges for your clients to demystify the numbers and make keeping on top of their finances easier.


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