Carol Leeming

Here at Pro Active Resolutions, “Your Business Friend”, we are thrilled to announce our 3rd sponsorship programme. Leicester based polymath extraordinaire Carol Leeming FRSA. Carol, Lead Artist of Dare To Diva, is an acclaimed world class musician and award-winning poet. Performing locally and regionally, Carol works as a multi-artist and freelance writer: of poetry, plays, prose, magazine articles and Blogs and much much more!

Carol LeemingThis sponsorship is part of our ongoing commitment to support and develop the creative sector through practical business advice. As well as, business solutions and training. We value our long-standing relationship within the Creative and Arts sectors within Leicester and across the UK. Mahmood Reza, owner of Pro Active Resolutions has himself over 30 years’ experience in the arts and creative sector, as an advisor, author, trustee and volunteer.

Mahmood says that this collaboration with Carol Leeming is exciting for all of us. In our capacity as her business friend we will be helping Carol and Dare to Diva with the business aspects of running and growing an arts company. Along with strengthening her business foundations, and developing a wider arts and business development programme. Freeing up Carol’s time to can get out there and do what she does best.

Welcome aboard Carol Leeming!

Carol Leeming Photo Credit Rob Gurney

Photo Credit Rob Gurney

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