Cloud Accounting Software And Credit Control

Helping Improve Credit Control

Using a robust cloud accounting software can greatly improve your credit control, an area that a lot of people find quite challenging.  Although credit control is the life-line of businesses it doesn’t always receive the attention it should and many businesses find numerous obstacles when dealing with it i.e. not invoicing as soon as work is completed, not chasing settlement of invoices – the list goes on…

cloud accounting software

It can be a challenge keeping track of what you are owed and this is where cloud accounting software comes in handy. Whether you offer credit terms, payment plans, etc it is really important not to wait too long to collect this money. Many businesses find themselves using their own funds to sustain their business and in the long term this is neither advisable nor practical.

There are a number of cloud accounting software packages on the market but we have found that none of them quite match the potential and capabilities of Xero.

As Xero accredited advisors we are well aware of the power of Xero and indeed there are many Xero features that will be useful for your business.

Cloud Accounting Software – Benefits Of Xero

The Xero package can help you to:

  • Keep track of how much money is owed and when payments are due
  • See what invoices you have outstanding (Reports section)
  • How long settlement usually takes
  • Set reminders to be sent out at the intervals that you require
  • Add notes to a customer account e.g. if they’ve requested a payment plan and the amount they have agreed to pay

We have found this to be an invaluable tool that not only significantly reduces admin time but also helps keep our records up to date and in one place.

There are many other areas that Xero can help your business. It can reduce the time spent on admin, generating and keeping track of invoices, updating client databases and much more. Pro Active Resolutions are a certified Xero adviser and offer in house training on how to utilise the many different features within Xero.

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