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Here at Pro Active Resolutions The arts and creative sector continues to be a natural choice for us to sponsors and support. Therefore, we were excited to announce our 3rd sponsorship agreement with Leicester based Carol Leeming FRSA and lead artist Dare to Diva.Carol Leeming FRSA   

Carol is an acclaimed world class musician and award-winning poet. She also is a freelance writer of poetry prose- and so much more…

Carol Leeming FRSAWe continue to act as a Business Friend to a broad section of businesses and individuals. We also  have a long-standing relationship within the Arts and Creative sectors within the East Midlands and nationally. It’s an area that we’re really passionate about! We have a strength of knowledge, experience and affinity with this unique sector. Furthermore, we have supported the arts sector over many years with business support, advice and resources. To us, arts sector businesses have the same types of business challenges we all face.

Our sponsorship with Carol is part of an exciting new journey for us all.

Welcome aboard Carol Leeming!

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