Business Resolutions for 2019

Business Resolutions for 2019 – New Year for most of us is RCA time, namely Reflection, Consideration and Action. Reflection over the year just gone, Consideration for the year to come, and Action in what we aim to do differently (or keep the same).
This RCA time also applies to your business. Business planning is a great way to help run your business. It helps keep you on a specific course or alerts you to situations when things are not going to plan and force you to take action.

A good start point is to be settled in your mind as to what your business goals are. Your business goals are specific and personal to your own situation, whether that is to grow, maintain things as they are or start to slow things down.

Business Resolutions for 2019

Poor planning is a major factor behind not achieving your business goals and at worst (?) business failure. At the risk of sounding like a one-size-fits-all explanation, it is important to understand that poor planning creates a domino effect on businesses.

Business defects can be many and varied. One category is management weaknesses. One reason for poor management is the mindset that some businesses might adopt.

Watching success stories like Richard Branson may influence you to start your own business (which is great), but it can also create the impression that success happens fast, also known as immediate gratification (which is very bad). This mindset often means that the quality of management is poor which accounts for lack of planning. Sometimes there is a lack of balance of skills in our management team which also causes harm to a business.

Another category of deficiencies are those which are accounting and systems based; no cash flow plans, no budgetary control and no costing system. The two categories both boil down to lack of planning and an abandonment of foreseeing the future.

Business Resolutions for 2019

Business failure symptoms can be daunting, but they shouldn’t discourage you from seeking help and pulling through. How many of us can actually say we know what we are going to wear tomorrow; or you know what you are eating for dinner next week? Probably very few. Part of our human make-up is we are naturally impulsive. Challenge your impulse and Plan Plan Plan!

No business is perfect but planning ensures you are prepared for each and every situation you may come across.
Even the most successful corporations such as Apple face poor outcomes. Whether it is a small scale or large scale problem, it can be resolved with a planned solution in tow.

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Thanks for reading our blog & Happy 2019 to you all!

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