We Adopted a School for the Spark Festival

Spark Adopt A School Project

Pro Active Resolutions, a proud supporter of the arts, believe that all school children should have the opportunity to experience a live theatrical performance, unfortunately many children have never had this experience and we think this is a real shame.

Most children enjoy creativity and role play and a great way to produce our future actors and actresses, and develop audiences is for them to experience the thrill and pleasure that watching live performance can bring.

So it’s a real privilege for us to help children to enjoy exciting new experiences that they may not have had the opportunity to do before. We are delighted to be involved again this year in the Spark Adopt a School Project for the Spark festival. This year we are funding Highfield’s Primary School to go and watch The Boy Who Bit Picasso at The Attenborough Centre on the 20th May.

As a Leicester-based business, providing business and accounting services, to a whole range of sectors we are pleased to make a contribution to bring the arts and children closer together.

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